Description: Convert a binary tree into its mirror tree. A mirror tree of a binary tree is a tree with all of its left and right children interchanged.

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Both trees below are mirrow trees of each other.


Algorithm and implementation:


The algorithm is as follows:

1)Convert left subtree into it’s mirror

2)Convert right subtree into it’s mirror

3)Exchange left and right pointers of the node being considered using a ‘temp’ pointer.


/*Let’s consider a function ‘convert’ used to convert a binary tree into its corresponding mirror tree*/

void convert(struct node* node)


 if (node==NULL) /*Empty*/





   struct node* temp;

   convert(node->left);/*convert left subtree*/

   convert(node->right);/*convert right subtree*/


   temp  = node->right;/*exchange left and right pointers*/

   node->right  = node->left;

   node->left = temp;





Time Complexity:


O(n), where 'n' is the number of nodes in the tree.

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